Frequently Asked Questions

Congratulations on your decision to use natural techniques to improve and maintain your health! If you are a new client to Practice in Principles we want you to be comfortable and relax when you visit so please review this information.


How long are my appointments?

Each appointment can differ depending on the individual, but generally an appointment can range from 30-45 minutes. The appointment includes assessment and treatment of the whole body. Time is also allotted at the end of the treatment for questions and discussion on homecare.



What should I wear?

Ideally one should wear what is most comfortable, but it would be best to keep in mind a few points. In an Osteopathic treatment it is not necessary to remove clothing, but it will be important to have full range of motion of the joints. Comfortably loose clothing like track pants, sweat shirts and yoga pants are acceptable clothing to wear.

Will the manipulations be painful?

Osteopathic treatments are gentle and non-invasive, excessive pain is counterproductive to treatments. Ideally the focus of the treatemnt is to balance the body and maximize the vitality. Pain for the most part drains and hinders  the ability of the body to help itself. A short period of low grade pain may be experienced in the odd treatment but the therapist will inform you and give the option of a pain free alternative. A key point to remember is that the treatment is directed at empowering you not make you the victim of treatment.


Will I need to continuously visit?

The goal of osteopathic treatments is to liberate the "self-healing" and "self-repairing" forces in the body. The body, with most people, has the ability to maintain itself; continuous treatment is not needed. In most cases once the body is returned to a state of balance it will only need adjustment in cases of trauma or very infrequent maintenance.